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3D modelisations and animations


School project - EPSAA, personal project


February 2019

Training myself with 3D softwares and render engines

I've been working on my 3D skills on Maxon Cinema 4D for more than a year. The 3D workshop at EPSAA school helped me understanding materials, especially normal map and bump map. I've also been working with Arnold Renderer to try new render engines.

- see on vimeo
3D modelisation of a morrocan riad

Infinite loop and pastel tones

When I animate for experimentations, I like to create infinite loosp which doesn't require a lot of storytelling, and work like "satisfyers". The use of pastel and bright tones are often seen in this kind of creations.

Screenshot of a 3D loop created during workshop
Screenshot of a 3D loop created during workshop