À l'aveuglette

an interactive treasure map




School project - EPSAA


February 2020

Discovering a paper world by using your hands

For EPSAA's open days, I teamed up with Marie Gelix and Noémie Laud to create an interactive map, using Bare Conductive's Touchboard,. This treasure map works like a game : before playing, you listen to a short melody, which you will have to find in the map with your hand. Triggered by touch, a song began to play when you touch the right spot.

- see on vimeo

Working with both print and digital

As Noémie and I have a print background, we knew at the very beginning of the project that we wanted to work with paper. The idea of triggering a reaction with touch was a good way to create a link between print and digital.

The use of bright colors and abstract shapes is a tribute to the Memphis group. We got the opportunity of printing the map with the risography printer of EPSAA's fablab, to get these vibrant colors.

Stillframe from the video
Stillframe from the video
Extrait du storyboard
Extrait du storyboard