a short video about consumerism and environment


Motion design, 3D modeling


School project - EPSAA


Septembre 2019

Taking a look at the love story we share with consumerism

Déchéance is a motion design project about this love story we share with garbage and consumerism, and how we can’t tell it goodbye. With Françoise Hardy’s Comment te dire adieu playing in the background, it stars cigarettes buts, empty soda cans, plastic cutlery and all of the things we can find on the floor of our streets, shown as pieces of art in a museum.

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From the smallest piece to a mountain of waste

To show how we get flooded by rubbish, I had to create 3D models which could be animated using Cinema 4D. From the smallest to the biggest one, these meshs were stacked up on a museum pedestal, where they becames works of art.

The way we cannot get rid of these habits make us look like we are sacralizing them. And what better way to sacralize something than to display it in a museum ? As time flies in the museum, the pile grows bigger and bigger, getting ready to outlive us.

Stillframe from the video
Stillframe from the video
Extrait du storyboard
Extrait du storyboard