a mobile app to help you buy local groceries


UI-UX design


School project - EPSAA


March 2020

Taking a step into local and seasonal eating

Goodici is an app concept to help you discover farms and local producers. It aims to make eating local and seasonal easier. The app features a map of the nearest producers, a search tool with filters, a favorite list, and the possibility to leave comments on a producer's profile.

- see Adobe XD prototype
Screenshot onboarding screen
Screenshot onboarding screen

A joyful and easy-to-use interface

The use of bright colors such as golden yellow sends a positive message and reminds people of nature. An "home-made" vibe is given with paper-like illustrations. Round shapes with shadow and light grey help giving deepness and create a visual hierarchy between informations.

Navigation is made easy by the bottom icons, which reminds us of apps like Instagram or Facebook. User can easily access tools like research or their favorites. User can also go to the previous page thanks to the left arrow button.

Screenshot home
Screenshot producer's page
Screenshot search
Screenshot map