a short film about grieving your first love




School project - EPSAA


Autumn 2019

Healing after your first break-up

Lamentito is a six-handed project, created with Marie Gelix and NoƩmie Laud, starring Tiphaine Meynard.

Based on a play, this short film is about the road you have to walk in order to heal after your first heartbreak. While a voice read the text, the actress is shaken by emotions, almost dancing, alone in a dark place.

- see on vimeo
Stillframe from the video

Shoting a student short-film with six hands

As we were 3, we had to work together and share an equal amount of work. We decided to split the post-production to gain time, after writing the script together.

Stillframe from the video
Stillframe from the video
Extrait du storyboard
Extrait du storyboard